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We have partnered with McKesson’s My Care Plus patient portal to offer a secure online website that gives you, as a patient convenient 24-hour access to your personal health information and medical records—called an Electronic Health Record or EHR—from anywhere with an Internet connection. You may also designate a personal representative to access to this information electronically on your behalf. This secure website will offers you secure, instant access to your Personal Health Record (PHR), which includes information about their diagnosis, medications, lab results and more.

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To ensure the privacy and security of your medical records, the enrollment process must be initiated during one of your office visits. Simply tell our staff you’re interested, and we’ll help you get started through the process below.

  1. Visit our office to sign a consent form that permits us to provide you with access to your health information via the Internet. You will also need to provide a valid email address at that time. This form is also available on our website under patient resources and can be completed and turned in during your next scheduled visit.
  2. Once you receive the Enrollment Invitation email that will be sent within 48 hours to the email address you provided, you can create your online account.
  3. Record your password and login information. If you’ve lost or forgotten your login information, visit the My Care Plus website and use the “Forgot Your Password?” or “Forgot Your User Name?” links to recover them.

Having trouble logging on?

If you are experiencing technical issues or have questions regarding the content on My Care Plus, please contact the My Care Plus support team through the phone number below. If you have clinical questions or concerns, please contact our practice.

Toll free #: 1.855.887.6788

Monday through Friday, 10:00AM–6:30PM (Eastern Time)