Clinical Trials

Depending on your medical condition, you may be offered participation in a study to compare the effectiveness of different types of treatments. These studies are developed and monitored by large regional and national research organizations. The results are published in medical journals and presented at national conferences. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. The purpose of these studies is to provide new treatments to our patients as quickly and safely as possible, and to make available to other health care providers the most up-to-date findings on the benefits of different treatments. Some new drugs may be provided at no cost to patients.

Please feel free to ask your Provider if you may benefit from one of these programs.

Clinical trials are available at our office through the Christiana Care NCORP. The Helen F. Graham Cancer Center’s NCORP is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) – appointed member of the NCI Community Cancer Center Program, funding 60 programs to improve aspects of community cancer care and research.

Trials are also available through various pharmaceutical companies, US Oncology Network and other affiliations. Over 125 studies are generally available at any given point in time.

Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants is also the proud recipient of the 2008 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Clinical Trials Participation Award. Our practice is one of ten community oncology practices selected for this distinctive award.